My son suffering from Asthma,I went to sharada ayurveda and panchakarma centre..Doctor gave good advice and treats excellent..Now iam very happy to see my sons relief..I would recommend to all.

- Ajay Nikl

After a lot of research on internet, We decided to go to Sharada Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre.We were very happy that we choose this place. Treatment for “Sugar” and “Piles” was very good.

- srihari jammu

Excellent treatment for back pain and knee joints.. Feelings good after panchakarma.. I would recommend all who are suffering from back pains.

- Abdul Waseem

I was suffering from URTICARIA for many years, my skin was prone to allergy, hives used to appear every day and I was totally dependent on Allegra anti-histamine medicine daily.
Dr. Harisha advised Panchakarma to detoxify my body and since the treatment started I have not taken Allegra again. I never imagined I will be able to live for even one day without Allegra but Dr. Harisha made it possible. She attacks health problems right at the root. The hives do not appear anymore. I am extremely grateful to her.
Truly, Dr. Harisha’s Ayurveda has changed my life!
– Varsha Nagpal

- Varsha Julie

It’s top recommend ayurvedic center where I approached for increasing immunity power and got excellent service. I would like to recommend for all who wants to map their health issues resolved without side effects.

- Sravan Kumar

Very good for Nadi pariksha,Overall body problems explained by doctor and gave excellent suggestions..

- Pawan Kumar

Good treatment for Leucoderma…after reaching out to 3 doctors, observing satisfactory results.

- Sai Krishna

Good treatment for hair fall and pimples..Doctor was best very honest and patience towards the patients

- Makrand Joshi

Very effective and fully satisfied for skin treatment . Thank you doctor

- Jagdish Rao

My mother suffering form knee joint,back pains & Spondylitis since 6 years.We are going fot treatment so many doctors but no use. My friend advice me go to Sharada Ayurveda & Panchakarma centre.We went for treatment in that clinic,Dr.Harisha treats very well.She is very dedicated and patience towards patient’s..Now my mother feeling very much better..Thank you..

- SMK Channel

This doctor is amazing, consulted for diabetes and hair fall problem. Received very effective treatment.Thank you Dr.Harisha

- Nikitha Nikki

Suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness.I used to take sleeping pills everyday, but lots of side effects.Then I visted to Sharada Ayurveda,Dr.Harisha cured my problem without side effect.Now iam feeling Very good..Thank you..

- Prashanti Allena

It’s one of the best and most professional set up for Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment..I had visited Dr. Harisha and I must mention that she is dedicated and honest doctor in treating his patients..She gives you a clear diagnosis about health related issue and doesn’t drag or gives you a false picture.. Iam greatful to get in touch with the retreat..

- Usha Gorle

Good treatment for spondylosis..A great relief.Thank you very much..

- Pothakamuri Bhargav Ram

Suffering from kidney stones..I visited to Sharada Ayurveda and panchakarma centre,Dr.Harisha treats well and now iam completely fine.. Thank you..

- Bala MS

Best treatment for diabetics.. Response was good..

- Dinakar Vallam

Almost all back pains and joints pains are gone..very best for panchakarma.

- Srinivas Thandra

I was suffering from back pain from past 2 years, Dr.Harisha suggested me the good treatment, now my back pain is almost gone, I would recommend all of you if have any complaints , please reach to this hospital , good hospital, good Doctor .. Thankyou…

- Pradeep Kumar

Suffering from fistula since 1 year.went to Sharada Ayurveda and panchakarma clinic, and feeling much better with the treatment started by doctor…

- Pawan Kumar

Treatment for migraine was excellent.feeling much better than before..

- Chandini Chanu

Effective treatment for arthritis and joint pains.


Good for panchkarma..very effective

- Bennuri Sai sudha charan

Effective treatment for pachakarma…

- Praveen Tangirala

Very good doctor.. Humble and honest doctor..

- Srikanth Puliventla

Best and honest doctor..very happy with her treatment..

- Navya Ivaturi

Excellent and dedicated Doctor..

- Vara Laxmi

Best Doctor I’ve ever consulted…..

- Priyanka Thorothu

Good treatment for joint pains

- sandeep reddy

Dedicated and best Doctor..

- Pravin Kumar

Good treatment for weight loss.lost weight as well as problems associated with it.

- Gorle Gopala rao

Good treatment for Acidity and skin treatment.Thank you for cure my diseases..

- Chakri Kalyan

Effective treatment for pancha karma and other ailments related to joints.

- Sujith K.V

Best doctor.

- Aharonu Reddy

Good Ayurveda centre.

- Haricharan Reddy

best treatment &best caring to patients