Kidney Treatment

Our excellent ayurvedic treatment slowly and steadily shows results and cures kidney completely.

Skin diseases

Use Ayurveda to get the best skin ever. Stop worrying about your skin and utilizing our treatment.


Ayurvedic remedies give the best results when used along with a healthy diet and exercise


Diabetes is treated by using a multi prong approach using diet modification, panchakarma and herbs



It’s a safe Ayurvedic combination that is beneficial for treating children. The medicine is administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra (most preferable) or any day in every month to attain greater efficacy.


Ayurvedic immunization is an ancient method with modern standardization, ideal to be adopted during early years of brain development. Ayurveda explains SWARNA BINDU PRASHANA while Modern medicine explains about vaccines.


Ayurvedic immunization works on the same line as Vaccines do. This helps to develop resistance in the body for many types of toxins. In other words, it produces immunity.

No better place to get you healthy again

Visit Sharada Ayurveda

Sharada Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre located in pragati nagar,Hyderabad. Here we provide ayurvedic treatments to all chronic diseases. Authentic ayurvedic treatment for all diseases like -Arthritis/joint pains, Spinal complaints(Cervical/lumbar spondylosis,Sciatica), Gynaecological problems, Life style disorders, Daibetes, Hypertension, infertility, kidney diseases, Obesity, Chronic abdominal disorders, Constipation, Piles, Fissures, Skin problems (Psoreasis, Urticaria, Pimples), Hair fall, Asthma, Migraine, Stress, Depression, Insomnia.
Diet charts available for various diseases as well as to maintain healthy life. Main objective of Ayurveda and aim of our clinic is to cure root cause of the ailments and provide disease free healthy life and maintain it.


My son suffering from Asthma,I went to sharada ayurveda and panchakarma centre..Doctor gave good advice and treats excellent..Now iam very happy to see my sons relief..I would recommend to all.

– Ajay Nikl

After a lot of research on internet, We decided to go to Sharada Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre.We were very happy that we choose this place. Treatment for “Sugar” and “Piles” was very good.

– Srihari Jammu

Excellent treatment for back pain and knee joints.. Feelings good after panchakarma.. I would recommend all who are suffering from back pains.

– Abdul Waseem

It’s top recommend ayurvedic center where I approached for increasing immunity power and got excellent service. I would like to recommend for all who wants to map their health issues resolved without side effects.

– Sravan Kumar

Very good for Nadi pariksha,Overall body problems explained by doctor and gave excellent suggestions..

– Pawan Kumar

Good treatment for hair fall and pimples..Doctor was best very honest and patience towards the patients

– Makrand Joshi

Very effective and fully satisfied for skin treatment . Thank you doctor

– Jagdish Rao

This doctor is amazing, consulted for diabetes and hair fall problem. Received very effective treatment.Thank you Dr.Harisha

– Nikitha Nikki